Hire Top Tech Talent Faster

The Spryte platform handles sourcing, vetting, negotiating and contracting talent to build tech teams for our clients. Deploy on schedule, reconfigure teams and meet exceptional project demands.

Meet Nestria- Your Talent Pool Advantage

Nestria is a thriving community of highly skilled tech graduates from India's leading colleges and universities. We leverage AI-powered training to ensure they possess the most sought-after skills in the market, making them the perfect fit for your tech team needs.


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Why Hire From SpryteLabs? Your QRRAC Advantage

  • Quality Talent: Access a pool of pre-vetted tech graduates from India's top colleges and universities.
  • Reduced Cost: Save up to 82% on campus hiring by leveraging our efficient platform.
  • Rapid Hiring: Fill your positions 93% faster with our streamlined process. 
  • AI-Powered Evaluation: Get objective and consistent candidate assessments thanks to our AI technology. 
  • Customised Hiring: Tailor the recruitment process to fit your specific needs and requirements. 

Build Your Tech Dream Team: Seamlessly & Efficiently

SpryteLabs puts you in control of your hiring process, offering a suite of services to streamline your search and find the perfect fit.

Here's how it works:

  1. Quick Job Posting: Simply submit your job description and requirements.
  2. Targeted Talent Pool: Access pre-vetted tech talent from Nestria, our thriving graduate community.
  3. Customizable Evaluation: Utilize our Nestria App with built-in assessments or tailor tests to your specific needs.
  4. AI-Powered Matching: Get AI recommendations highlighting the best candidates for your role.
  5. Unlimited Intern Hiring: Build your talent pipeline with access to a pool of fresh graduates.
  6. Exclusive Hiring Events: Attend free tech build events and connect with potential hires directly.
  7. Upskilling & Training: Enhance the skills of your new team members through our Byte Academy model.

SpryteLabs is your one-stop shop for building your dream tech team. Stop wasting time and resources – start building today!

Subscription Plans


Annual Plan

Rs. 1,00,000 (Rs. 8,334/month)

Ideal for high-volume hiring or continuous team building.

Quarterly Plan

Rs. 30,000 (Rs. 10,000/month)

Perfect for companies with ongoing hiring needs.

Customised plan

For companies with specific hiring needs, we offer customised plans. Contact us today to discuss your requirements

All plans include everything you need to build your dream tech team:

  • Access a pre-vetted pool of top talent
  • Post unlimited jobs
  • Customise evaluations and tests
  • Get AI-powered matching recommendations
  • Attend exclusive tech build events

Contact Us:

Website: www.sprytelabs.com

Email: info@sprytelabs.com

Call: +91 93300 42627